Friday, July 21, 2006

Just a few tidbits, in case you were wondering

~~ I went to the doctor on Wednesday to have my thyroid levels checked and my bp taken. My blood pressure is waaaay down. Woohooo! I found out this morning that the thyroid results indicate that I need the next higher dose of synthroid.

~~ I'm excited to be heading off to the Las Vegas BBW bash on Monday of this coming week! Preparations are underway this weekend. You know, gotta make sure the undies, sunscreen and miscellaneous sundries are all packed. It's been several years since I've been to a big BBW event, so I feel a bit ill prepared for the whole "scene". There are definitely things I'm looking forward to --- THE POOL being a big one, catching up with few of my long lost online friends, hangin' out with a few of my Minnesota buds, gambling. Oops. Did I say that last one? ;-) Things I'm not looking forward to -- loud obnoxious drunk fat chicks (if you've been to these things, you've gotta know what I mean); backstabbing between desperate chickas (Too often, there is a limited supply of men. While the men aren't typically aware of it, there's a lot of chick-on-chick fighting going on. I've seen some pretty nasty behavior in the past. For those of you prone to this, DON'T DO IT! You can be better than that!); and sunburn, always a given no matter how much sunscreen I use.

~~ Jam season has started again! So far I've made blueberry-apricot, pineapple-apricot and just plain old apricot. The pineapple-apricot is fabulous! The blueberry-apricot is a smooth mellow yum, too. A friend of my hubby's has ordered a bunch of jars for her wedding as wedding favors. She's going to top 'em with lace and ribbons and a ceremonial wedding tag. A cute idea!


Anonymous said...

Hi Catay,
Like Bob "Him no dead" Marley would say,
"We're jammen, we're jammen, I hope you like Jammen too."