Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gone! All Gone!

In my last post you may have seen my list of yummy jam flavors all containing apricots. I had only half of the apricots from the tree to make those jams and a couple of trays of dried apricots, too. I got up early this morning, grabbed a sack with which to put the remainder of the apricots. I went to the orchard. I looked at the tree. Where were the little yellow orbs? I rubbed my eyes and looked again. No yellow? NONE at all?! Where did they go?!?! (said in the tone of A Christmas Story's turkey debacle...) No more dried apricots. No raspberry apricot jam. No apricot syrup. No apricot chutney. No apricot leftovers. Dang! It was a bad year for apricots around these parts. A lot of the trees' buds froze before they produced, so it's likely that we've got an orchard thief! I would like to think it was just the painted desert sheep that live in the orchard. Yeah, that's it...they figured out how to shake the tree or maybe they climbed up and nabbed 'em. Ya never know...