Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gone! All Gone!

In my last post you may have seen my list of yummy jam flavors all containing apricots. I had only half of the apricots from the tree to make those jams and a couple of trays of dried apricots, too. I got up early this morning, grabbed a sack with which to put the remainder of the apricots. I went to the orchard. I looked at the tree. Where were the little yellow orbs? I rubbed my eyes and looked again. No yellow? NONE at all?! Where did they go?!?! (said in the tone of A Christmas Story's turkey debacle...) No more dried apricots. No raspberry apricot jam. No apricot syrup. No apricot chutney. No apricot leftovers. Dang! It was a bad year for apricots around these parts. A lot of the trees' buds froze before they produced, so it's likely that we've got an orchard thief! I would like to think it was just the painted desert sheep that live in the orchard. Yeah, that's it...they figured out how to shake the tree or maybe they climbed up and nabbed 'em. Ya never know...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Just a few tidbits, in case you were wondering

~~ I went to the doctor on Wednesday to have my thyroid levels checked and my bp taken. My blood pressure is waaaay down. Woohooo! I found out this morning that the thyroid results indicate that I need the next higher dose of synthroid.

~~ I'm excited to be heading off to the Las Vegas BBW bash on Monday of this coming week! Preparations are underway this weekend. You know, gotta make sure the undies, sunscreen and miscellaneous sundries are all packed. It's been several years since I've been to a big BBW event, so I feel a bit ill prepared for the whole "scene". There are definitely things I'm looking forward to --- THE POOL being a big one, catching up with few of my long lost online friends, hangin' out with a few of my Minnesota buds, gambling. Oops. Did I say that last one? ;-) Things I'm not looking forward to -- loud obnoxious drunk fat chicks (if you've been to these things, you've gotta know what I mean); backstabbing between desperate chickas (Too often, there is a limited supply of men. While the men aren't typically aware of it, there's a lot of chick-on-chick fighting going on. I've seen some pretty nasty behavior in the past. For those of you prone to this, DON'T DO IT! You can be better than that!); and sunburn, always a given no matter how much sunscreen I use.

~~ Jam season has started again! So far I've made blueberry-apricot, pineapple-apricot and just plain old apricot. The pineapple-apricot is fabulous! The blueberry-apricot is a smooth mellow yum, too. A friend of my hubby's has ordered a bunch of jars for her wedding as wedding favors. She's going to top 'em with lace and ribbons and a ceremonial wedding tag. A cute idea!

Monday, July 17, 2006


We finally broke $100 at (They don't pay out until you hit $100.) It's been a year or so in coming, but not too shabby for a VERY passive money maker.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So, I was wondering through someone's Flickr photostream. You know, just one of those voyeuristic endeavors that is so easy to do online. It belongs to a girl who's blog I read from time to time. I believe she's from Chicago or thereabouts. So, I'm just flipping through pictures. Some amusing. Some boring. Some pretty dang funny. Then WHAM...a picture of a former co-worker that I haven't seen in 10 years. Suddenly the world seems very small.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Just one of those weeks...

I had a week from hell at work. The OT that I did last weekend, suddenly turned into a project from hell. Somehow the MSDE SQL server instance that I installed to coincide with a software package suddenly pulled data from an old SQL server install. Not consistently...oh, no, that would have been easy to fix. It pulled half of the databases from the new install and half from the old install. I nearly lost my mind! Databases were pulling up information all over the place. As if that wasn't spooky enough, when I called our enduser helpline in Minneapolis, I got an unfamiliar voice. I ask for one of the network guys that has been with us for 9 years or so. "Ummm...WHO?" I repeat his name. I then say, he's the network guy. "Oh, ummm, okk.... lemme transfer you to his extension." He transfers me to the woman who is in charge of the phones. GAH! I really started to wonder if I was in the same Universe as I was the night before. Then I tried calling my boss. He's on vacation the rest of the week. I call the second in command, no answer. Page him. No answer. I call technical support at the company that created the application causing the problems. 15 minutes on hold, then told to leave a message. I call back. 15 more minutes on hold then told to leave a message. GAH! We pay for support 'cuz why??! While I do work from home now, I REALLY felt abandoned on this problem. I ended up getting everyone out of the application. Restoring a handful of completely necessary databases to get those individuals back up. After everyone was gone for the evening, I deleted everything, reinstalled MSDE, and then restored all 130 or so databases. I spent the remaineder of the week fretting that suddenly the SQL server vapor pleasantly known as MSDE was going to find more database files hidden elsewhere. Just craziness. Thank gawd for the weekend!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The title read, "Crack found in shuttle foam"

I read the above title and was suddenly outraged (ok, not really outraged, but surprised!) that they found crack cocaine in the shuttle foam. I mean, what sort of engineers do we have running this shuttle program? No WONDER they've had so much trouble with the shuttles. Drug abuse. Dang. Get some help so they can get back to safe aerospace design! I think it may be time to call myself Emily Littella from Saturday Night Live fame.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Workin' hard for the money...

Just like my Photo Selection of the Week suggests, I've been workin' hard for it, Honey. 15 hours yesterday, almost 9 today. Too much work for a long holiday weekend! I hope you're all out havin' fun!!