Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wacky Religious Beliefs

I’ve had to learn a lot about Mormonism in the past few years. They certainly have their own wacky beliefs, but the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints), an offshoot from the regular LDS church, has got to take the cake.

In this article from the Salt Lake Tribune, apparently FLDS members, who are mostly polygamists, may be stripped of their entire family (16 kids, 5 wives, no matter!) if the church leadership deems that someone else is more “worthy” or “righteous”. What the crap is that??  This quote says it all: 'If my father does better, can he be my father again?' " Fischer said. Unfortunately for that little kid, the answer was “no”.  How messed up is that?  Talk about some permanent mind-f*cking.


Christi Nielsen said...

OMG - This does take the cake! I don't know how they get away with that. How do these polygamists dodge the law?

brigid246 said...

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