Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I made some purty curtains for my step-daughter's room in the house we recently bought. It was a bear finding the fabric! I found one yard at a local fabric store...then, after she formally approved of the fabric, the chase to find more began! We called JoAnn after JoAnn. Finally they did a source search on it and found it in a city about 45 minutes south. We shot down there only to find the source search was wrong. Next shop on the source search got phoned and VOILA! 5 yards. Another 25 minutes south! We get there, and it's 5 yards cut up into several pieces. DOH! Luckily, each piece was at least a yard. Four panels later and voila, bright happy curtains.


Bobber said...

Nice Curtains, Cat! You have three careers ~ Seamstress, IT Guru, and Webgoddess! ;-)

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL CURTAINS! I like your taste. I am thinking about venturing for the very first time to the great unknown of making curtains for the first time. I'm not sure if you know, but what type of fabric is that?

Cat said...

Thanks, Anonymous. It's just a cotton poplin that I lined with just a plain cotton sheeting.