Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hey. Hey. Hey NOW...

I can’t avoid artificial sweeteners. I mentioned this before, but the “sneaking” of artificial sweeteners like sucralose and Ascesulfame Potassium is getting WAY out of hand. It’s freakin’ everywhere. In foods that are NOT “diet”. I just bought some Kool-Aid singles. I rarely have a need for more than just a single serving, so having a pitcher full of the stuff in the fridge would be pretty wasteful. So, here I am makin’ my cup of childhood-summer-in-a-glass. I take a peek at the ingredients. HOLY SUCKWADS. Sucralose and the ascesulfame K. Oh, but the first ingredient IS sugar. So, why the artificial crap??GRRRRRRRRR. What the f*ck. No where on the packaging does it indicate it’s low sugar or “diet”. I’m really, really convinced now that they’re trying to get us quietly addicted to the chemicals. Write your congressman now. We need proper labeling on this stuff. It needs to say on the front that the product contains artificial sweeteners!!


The Meat Machine said...

You know, this actually disturbs me. What sort of message is it sending to kids?

I take it you haven't seen the commercials, but if you're really paying attention, it just quietly slips in that there are zero calories.

I honestly don't suspect it's so much them trying to get us hooked as much as it is subversive pressure to lose weight.

Either way, if you're allergic to aspartame like I am (my throat closes up, making it hard to breathe), this can lead to a major piss off or death. LABEL IT, KIDS!

Cat said...

Thanks for your comments!
There's definitely calories in the one I have. 30 per serving. The first ingredient is sugar!

I've heard of a lot of people who are allergic to asparatame as well as sucralose. A good friend of mine gets heart palpitations from sucralose. That can't be good!!

Oh, and there's about 20 different names for asparatame -- ascesulfame K, ascesulfame potassium, etc. Ya have to be a freakin' scientist to know what this crap is! It definitely needs labeling!

Jen said...

All artificial sweeteners are BAD!!! Check out these links:

And these are just about Spenda and ascesulfame K. We know how bad aspartame and saccharin are. Splenda being molecularly closer to DDT than actual sugar? EEEEW! I'll stick to Stevia with the bitterness removed or Lo Han Guo, thank you very much. All natural, taste great, no calories, and even have health benefits!