Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fat Girl Fashions that *Almost* Hit the Mark.

This is from Ulla Popken. I really do dig a lot of her European looks. I even sneak into Ulla France website for more goodies. Anyway, this ditty is an *almost* for one reason. The jacket. What hippy fat chick looks good with a rounded jacket like this? Well, I guess if you're trying to make your hips larger, this would do the trick. For the rest of us, get the skirt (which I think is quite dashing) and wear the black shirt alone with it.

Also from Ulla Popken. I really like this. I really do. It's different than the same ol' same ol'. I was tempted to order it even. But then...then I realized that on a girl my size, the cut of the dress really won't work. I'll just look like a deflated balloon, with velvet accents, of course.


Lotta said...

Christ I'm sick of fat chick fashions. This is an old gripe - but I still do not understand why they can't just add some sizes to the "regular" fashions. The cuts would be just (if not more) flattering. It's like they think fat=retarded. (Not that the retarded community dresses badly)