Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fat Gangs!

I think I've made it pretty abundantly clear in other posts how much I think is a style sucking glob of goo. That being said, there is some decent content on there from individuals sucked into the MySpace glob. This post, as an example, from DJ Zulu. It's a brillant analogy liking fat oriented event groups to "gang bangers". If the link on "Fat Gangs!" doesn't work, click here and go to the blog section of this myspace site.


AM said...

I have no linkies in this post.. :( Nothing on which to click. I wish to click.

Cat said...

The links aren't underlined. I just took a gander at the post in Firefox & IE and they appear. Hmmm...if you hover over "This post" does the line show up beneath and does the font go red?

Jillian said...

I thought you were writing about this gang