Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back online!

I moved my site recently to a new host and my blog suffered a bit. Well, not so much suffered as I wasn't able to update, nor did I know I had beautiful comments! Thanks for commenting. Ya'll are beautiful!

During the last week I:

-- mowed more lawns than I really should have. I'm trying to help out with a few of the back 40 duties. Combine the fact that I'm out of shape with hot temps, and you've got one tired girl at the end of a mowin' day. I really need to do it more often, and intend to do so to keep my body movin'!

-- attended some SharePoint Portal classes. We're upgrading to SharePoint at work. A couple of things scare me about Microsoft whenever they get their mits on web design. No, make that one thing -- THEMES. Anyone who's worked with FrontPage probably knows about these beasts. What's really scary is that 8 years(about that anyway) after they came out with their ugly FrontPage themes, they really haven't improved when it comes to SharePoint themes. Butt ugly. Granted, SharePoint doesn't have the ugly "candy" or "road kill" theme, but seriously, their themes are still ugly enough to guarantee that simple web designers like me will continue to have a job.

...more later! Have a good day!