Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back online!

I moved my site recently to a new host and my blog suffered a bit. Well, not so much suffered as I wasn't able to update, nor did I know I had beautiful comments! Thanks for commenting. Ya'll are beautiful!

During the last week I:

-- mowed more lawns than I really should have. I'm trying to help out with a few of the back 40 duties. Combine the fact that I'm out of shape with hot temps, and you've got one tired girl at the end of a mowin' day. I really need to do it more often, and intend to do so to keep my body movin'!

-- attended some SharePoint Portal classes. We're upgrading to SharePoint at work. A couple of things scare me about Microsoft whenever they get their mits on web design. No, make that one thing -- THEMES. Anyone who's worked with FrontPage probably knows about these beasts. What's really scary is that 8 years(about that anyway) after they came out with their ugly FrontPage themes, they really haven't improved when it comes to SharePoint themes. Butt ugly. Granted, SharePoint doesn't have the ugly "candy" or "road kill" theme, but seriously, their themes are still ugly enough to guarantee that simple web designers like me will continue to have a job.

...more later! Have a good day!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gov't Tracking Phone Calls in the US

Yesterday morning, I heard on NPR some idiot (I wish I could recall who it was) saying basically, “it’s not *that* bad it’s not as if they’re tracking the contents of your phone calls.” As if the content would be the only thing that’s “private”.  Just calling someone indicates relationship. Calling someone often probably indicates a stronger relationship.


Let’s say you work for the government and have a spouse that you suspect may be cheating. Nothing illegal going on, but just immoral. You have access to every stinkin’ phone call your spouse ever made. You take a peek. Just a peek to see who he’s calling while you’re slaving away at the FBI.  Ah-ha! 30 phone calls to your best friend this week.  You’ve just violated his rights and probably just ruined your upcoming surprise birthday party *and* the affair they were having.  OK…in that instance, you probably would want to know the content, ‘cuz it could have been just a birthday party.


If you ever saw The Net, the movie with Sandra Bullock where pretty much everyone she knew was blown away, having phone call records would be one easy way to “do away with” everyone you know, without having to know anything about what was said on the phone in the calls. So there, a very, very bad thing.


OH, let’s say you have a friend who happens to be a communist. You’re living in the McCarthy era. Yeah, since you KNOW a commie, you must be one too. Right? Yeah, it wouldn’t be pretty.  I’m just sayin’…..

Monday, May 08, 2006

Illustration Friday - Fat

This Illustration Friday topic is "Fat". How could I NOT participate this week? So, here it is, in mini form. Click here to see full size.

Friday, May 05, 2006

News and What Not

I’ve got lots of tidbits that I’ve been meaning to post, but haven’t had time to do so:


v                    While flying back from Minnesota last week, I fell asleep. I awoke to a two year old staring at my over the chair in front of me. We had a little face-off where we would make faces back and forth. Good stuff. Then he started telling me about his family and his dad’s deer, etc. Pretty verbal for a two year old. He went back to his family for most of the remainder of the flight. After the plane landed, he looked at me again and said, “Pop-pop and gamma are picking me up. Wanna come?” How cute was that?! I told him I was getting picked up by someone too, but thanks for the offer. Yeah, I’m a hit with the two year olds.

v                    I was flown into Minnesota for a service awards program put on by my work. I’ve been with ‘em for 10 years! Aaaack! Time flies. But ya’ll knew that, right?

v                    The week before last, I was diagnosed as being “hypothyroid”. So now I’m the fat chick with a thyroid condition. In the old days, didn’t all fat people say, “I have a thyroid condition. That’s’ why I’m fat?” It kind of struck me as funny and also struck me as, “DUH, I bet I’ve had this for quite a while.” I have lots of reasons to think that after looking at the list of symptoms for low thyroid production online. As far as I can remember, I’ve never been tested for it. I’m hoping that the Synthroid (read ground up piggy thyroid) is a miraculous energy producer. We’ll see. It’s supposed to take several weeks to “build up” in my system.

v                    Happy Cinco de Mayo! We’re doing a little party here tonight with a wide variety of Mexican and Amero-Mexi food offerings. Gotta love it!

v                    Oh, a funny thing at the doctor. The intake nurse asks, “How tall are you?” I said, “I’m 5’5”. “How much do you weigh?” To which I replied, “150, give or take.” Her head whipped around so fast, I thought her eyes were going to pop out. I’m not sure if she *really* thought I thought I weighed 150 or what. Good times all around though. J