Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring Beauty

Yesterday was bbbeautiful! We went on a wee antique shop tour in Ogden, Utah, then dug up a few old bottles in the back of someone's house up there. Ivan asked for permission first. Promise! Anyway, I stayed in the car until he found the privy in the backyard. Overheard by the people in the front of the house, "Hey, what's that guy looking for in the back yard?"
"Antique bottles."
To which she replied, "Do we have any back there??"
I think they thought Ivan was just going to rummage through the garbage on the top of the grass. Most people in ooooold ooooold houses don't even know they have antique bottles in the backyard dirt. The old outhouses often held poop...and household refuse. 100+ years later, the poop is gone, but the bottles remain. It's an odd but often lucrative hobby!
The photo to the left is from the backyard. I took it while waiting for the treasures to come out. The flowering trees are at peek bloom right now. Bbbbeauty!