Friday, February 24, 2006

Some Days It Just Doesn't Pay to Read the News

I'm sooooo torked today. Two very different stories with two very different reasons to be torked. The first: Anti-gay fury mars funeral of a soldier in Anoka. If the link doesn't work, here's the story in a quick quote nutshell, "The six (protestors at the funeral) are members of a church in Topeka, Kan., that espouses the belief that God is killing American soldiers because they fought for a country that tolerates homosexuality."

Ummm...yeah... Six sick f*cks who hide behind "God" to espouse their beliefs to people in mourning. Apparently these sickos are going from funeral to funeral. WTF?! I'm anti-war, I'm pretty dang liberal and now I'm livid. I just want to attend a funeral when they're in mourning and just scream at the top of my lungs, "Ya'll are sick, small minded, socially inept idiots who obviously are masking your own homosexual desires." Along side me, I'd like a whole band of guys who will be screaming that they slept with the sickos and ENJOYED IT. Or something like that. :-)


Midwest Oil fined for selling gas too cheaply -- Again, briefly, the state of Minnesota is fining Midwest Oil for selling gas cheaper than the legally set "threshold price." What an idiotic law! Sure, the state loves making money off of gas tax (I mean, who wouldn't?), but seriously, there is no logical reason in this day to have a gas threshold price. A quote from the article: "Defenders of the law say it's critical to protect small and medium-sized stations.They note that unlike large chains, those stations often can't cushion below-cost gasoline with sales of other merchandise." hehhehe. THIS tickles me. In our homogenized-Walmartized country, I think most people would be hard pressed to even think of a gas station that isn't owned by a large size chain. I can't even think of one little mom&pop gas station. When I was a kid, yup, I could name at least three. No longer. They're all BP, Chevron, SA, etc, etc. What's the sole reason for keeping this law on the books --- well, it's related to the previous article -- the lawmakers are in bed with the gas companies. Pure and simple. Oh, and yeah, they like it.


Anonymous said...

Actually, there are several mom and pop gas stations in Minnesota. They are franchises owned by families, but with the national name. There was a big story about it on the Minnesota news. One mom and pop shop had existed for about 20 years at the same corner in a suburb, but could not compete with a new BP station across the street and the wholesale price ate up all their profits with the roller coaster prices. The family had a history of being in the gas business, for over 60 years but had only become a francise 20 years earlier. According to the news, there are several thousand mom and pop owned gas stations, just under the name of Shell, SA, etc, etc. sort of like Perkins Restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there are motorcycle clubs that show up at these protests to stage counter-demonstrations -- to keep the harrassing fundies away from the grieving families.
The disappointing thing is that often the media incorrectly portrays the fundie protests as "anti-war" rather than "anti-gay".

Rusty (CleverBomb)