Monday, February 06, 2006


If you like science, and I know you do, check out the new self-heating coffee from Woflgang Puck. Don’t buy it for the coffee. It was pretty blechy. What’s awesome is the self-heating science experiment at the bottom of the can. To activate the heating, you push a bladder of greenish liquid into a hidden chamber. That liquid sets off a chemical reaction in the base of the can that starts the heat for the coffee. It says it gets up to 140 degrees F in about 5 minutes. All in all, pretty awesome. The downside is that the 10 ounces of coffee costs about $4.00. But think of the science of it! I remember hearing about some companies in Japan using it for cans of soup. It’s awesome that one can find it stateside now. OH! When writing this, I decided to look up the product. On the WP site I found this video that describes the technology. Fun!