Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Rage Spreads Over Cartoons"

Just the headline alone makes me go “huh?” You know, if I took myself too seriously, I would have had to kill thousands of cartoonists over their lampooning ( and often harpooning) my fat self.

People spend too much time worrying about symbology and it’s worthiness in their lives. For instance, so many people vehemently oppose burning the US flag. It’s a freakin’ symbol. If you see a flag burning it doesn’t effect your personal views, does it? No, you believe deep inside what you want to believe and nothing external should be able to sway that. To heck with what others think of your own personal views. Also, to heck with what you think of their view.

The same goes with religion or other closely held beliefs. There’s a big hullabaloo in Utah about an atheist group filing a lawsuit against the state for using crosses to mark highway points where police officers were killed. It’s a symbol, people. Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t mean it’s going to take away your rights to believe what you want to believe. I see a cross and I see a cross marking a death. I don't see a cross and then see Jesus upon it. The atheist group in town sees a cross and suddenly sees oppression. Personally, the group in question is giving atheists a bad name.

Now we’ve got the Danish people under attack by a bunch of overly sensitive Muslims. It’s a set of cartoons, people. Cartooooons. Political or not, they’re one man’s comic view of life. You might find it funny. You might find it touchy. It might make you think. Or maybe not. But, let’s get real, it’s not worth killing. It’s just a cartoon. Now, if said cartoonist takes out a gun and starts pickin’ off Muslims in Denmark and the Dane government supports him, have at ‘em! Take ‘em down! Until then, let cooler heads prevail.


MistressDREAD said...

I have a very hard limit on cartoons. My online Man Freind thinks this is weird but Ive seen cartoons from young as a very corruptive way for people to express very negitive and wrong values to the young and young at heart and open up a world that the common person might not of let another see had it not of been in a cartoon format. Unfortunatly cartoons over time have been used or should I say abused in ways that are very harmful in their content and are expressions of the artists who create such and the majority not the minority have negitive and not positive content with in them. JMO. By the way Catherine Nordling love Your wonderful site! Keep it up. My online Male Freind introduced Me to it, I think because He thinks I have issues with My size, (I dont) He has choosen to seek out things concerning large woman. Im a confortable size 28/30 and have been the same size now for some 10 years, so You know thats not gonna change anytime soon cause quite frankly I like Me! ( I wasent a big kid and in fact was always teased as a kid for being always way to skinnie than everybody else. Where I come from large ment well off and well to do. )Go figgure! Anyhoo Im gonna go raid the pictures I have stashed away and see what BIG HUGH pictures I might have I can contribute to this site. Have a wonderful valentines day! I have, having had come here to this site and seen that wonderful black and white very sexie picture on the front page of this site. Damn but if I were a Man I know what Id be hitting on~!! ~wink~