Monday, February 06, 2006

Frisco, Utah

We went back to Frisco. This being our fourth time there. This ghost town is HUGE. The first three times, we didn't even see half of it. This past Saturday, however, we made it to the main mine area, saw the collapsed mine, some of the mining structures and a whole bunch of additional home structures. I like the different types of home construction used at Frisco. Wood, rock, metal and brick, and various combinations of those. It seems none can fully withstand degradation due to nature's wrath or vandals. The western portion of town that we viewed on Saturday is further away from the road and thus, less hit by vandalism. There was much to see! I'm attaching a few of the pictures I took to this post. Click on it to see full size. I can't wait to go back! I ran out of disk space on my CompactFlash card and missed a lot of photo ops, including the spooky cemetary.


Jaromy said...

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Jaromy D. Jessop

wandernriter said...

Spring of 1982 we parked the Winnebago at Old Frisco for a night and a day. Totally deserted. The next morning we explored the old mine shafts, etc. Amazingly, there were still cave-like abodes carved out of the hillsides, some even had traces of wallpaper clinging to the rock walls. Sadly, I have no photographic record of the visit.