Monday, January 16, 2006

Worth a second...or third... replay

I set this up five years ago to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. I get chills every time I hear the snippet used in this piece. Still as valid today as it was in 1968. While we're a smidge closer to equality now, there's a looooong road stil left to travel. Racism still exists in our country and what makes it even more disturbing to me is that it's hidden. You never *really* know where it is anymore until you witness it. Maybe it's in a side comment about how, "You know how *they* are." Or you get a smile when you're getting service at the oil change place, and the man behind you doesn't get nary a curved lip. Nothing is overt. It's there, but ya have to be acutely aware to see it. Yeah, well, don't get me started on the whole "hidden hatred" that is so pervasive in our society. Today is meant to celebrate and reflect upon the positive changes from the dream...