Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ugly Fat Clothes

I really do like Ulla Popken...usually. I buy more of my basic wardrobe from Ulla than anywhere. Most of her stuff is natural fibers and clean lines and I like that. Every once in a while, however, something like this comes along. A monstrosity of great proportions, and I'm not just talking about the size range! I can't even begin to tell you how much this article of clothing makes me want to puke. Maybe it's the print...or maybe it's the random strings of sequins...or maybe it's the length... I really don't know where to begin. It's just wrong in so many ways. I just want to scream, "Don't you dream of buying it," to the poor woman on the other end of the internet who thinks that it's a cool-hip-fashion-forward option for her fat self. I'm pleading with you....DON'T DO IT!


Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with ya on this one Cat. There is just too much goin' on between the print on the top half, the sleeve print and the lower half print. My eyes are hurtin'!!!