Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I've been a member of Netflix for a little over a month. I lllllove it! Not only is it economical, especially in the winter months when we're more likely to be plopped infront of the TV, but it is also fast and fun! When I drop a movie in the mail, I get an email the very next day saying, "Received 'Wedding Crashers'. Later the same day, I get an email saying, "For Wednesday: Amelie" or whatever movie is next on my queue list. It's pretty slick! The distribution centers for Netflix are all over the country, so my returned DVD isn't traveling to New York and then back again which would take days and days turnaround. Quite the brilliant set up. I wish I had purchased stock in the company early on, really.

The fun is with the "friends" set up as well as the browsing and rating movies you've already seen. The friends area allows me to see what my friends are watching and to pick up ideas about what to add to my queue. They also have silly surveys in the friends area like, "Alexandra and Roger Ebert disagree on the following movies. Which movie did Roger love and Alexandra hate." Way fun!

Anyway, I can't recommend the service highly enough. Check it out if you haven't already. If you're already using the service and want to compare notes in the friends section, drop me a line at cat(remove this) AT (remove this)catay.com.