Friday, January 06, 2006

Maybe it's just me...

...but when I get the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail, I'm as excited as a teenage boy finding a Playboy magazine. Well, *know* what I mean. It's all of the sweet lookin' displays that I know are "out of my league". (Again, just like the teenage boy with the swimsuit models?) We make decent coin, but I can't justify spending $2K on a chair that I can't even test drive. I love the classic styles, clean lines and muted tones. Luckily, there are accessories I can buy and pretend I'm buying the whole suite! Also, because of the relative simplicity of the designs, some things can be replicated on the cheap...thanks to my new found talents learned on HGTV. OH, and once in a while I find steals on Ebay. For our guest room, I purchased a linen duvet cover for less than 1/6 the going retail price. Sure, it was from two seasons ago, but you know, classic designs rarely go out of style. So, yeah, anyway, back to dreaming about my secret love...Pottery Barn.