Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Odd Spam

My spam emails have gotten kind of funny. I'm not sure if I've suddenly gotten targeted by a different spammer or if the same old spammers have gotten "into" cartoon spam. Anyway, they're all for some sexual enhancement thing. The titles actually look like real email...you know, something like "About your site" or the like. They don't get marked by my spam filter either. So, I click away and open 'em up...only to find a cartoon of Bart Simpson with an overly accentuated phallus touting some product. Today was a brand spankin' new image...a muscular snowman complete with a carrot nose screwin' a cartoony anime-type chick. It's burned in my brain now. hehehe. I'll never look at a snowman in the same away again. Unfortunately for my spammer, I don't remember the product just the image. I would share the image with ya'll but I do a shift-delete to permanently delete mail and did so without even thinkin' 'bout it. If I get it again, I'll share.