Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Playing Catch Up

Here are some "catch-up" items that I've been meeting to write 'bout in my blog:

1. Martha Stewart's new daytime TV show. It's on freakin' hour long advertisement. If she's not advertising her own products -- books, k-mart crap, magazines, nighttime-show, she's advertising someone else's product. Martha is a horrible interviewer, too. In one show she had Christina Applegate on to help Martha decorate cupcakes. If I were Christina, I would have slapped her during the "interview". M would ask a question and then as Christina was talking, Martha would ask another or just talk right over her. 'twas pretty dang rude. I used to like Martha's old show. It always had something interesting and it didn't make her seem as much as an snake oil salesman. Maybe the old show was just masking its product tie-ins and I was oblivious to it, but c'mon.

2. Ivan and I hosted our annual Halloween party on Monday. We had a great turn out with guests wearing a lot of fun costumes. I didn't have a ton of extra time to devote to the set up since I was out of town late last week into Saturday, but with Ivan's kids' assistance we were able to get everything done in time. And the stuff I didn't get done, wasn't even missed.

3. Last week marked my 10th anniversary at my job. 10 years! I love my co-workers and my boss, so there really isn't much to complain about except the amount of time that has passed. My job has changed quite a bit over the past 10 years. I started as a system administrator focusing on database and litigation support. What I used to do as my primary job function, I now do as a "backup" to those who do it full-time. My main job function is purely web based...intranet, internet, portal and various play-ins to the aforementioned. Who knew that this was the direction the job would take? If I make it another 10 years, what role will I play? Most of what I do now wasn't even envisioned 10 years ago, so there's no telling what could be going on.

4. I'm sick of the holidays already. Sorry, but to those retailers that are pushing Christmas already, ~Ptoooey.~ I won't be shopping at your store for gifts. I'm sick and tired of people selling crap and attempting to manipulate me. My gifties this year will be simple. I've done this partially for several years, but I think I'm going all homemade this year. The fabric store may get the majority of my moola this year. Lucky them! (OH, and family and friends, be warned! :-) )