Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More Hidden Hatred

This happened a couple of weeks ago: Ivan and I were down at a guy's house to look at buying something. (Is that too vague? Hehehe. Ok, it was antique bottles...we were buying some bottles that the guy dug years ago.) Anyway, during the price negotiations, the guy reaches over and touches Ivan's chest and says something to the effect of, "Good, no garments. I can trust you." Mormon's who have been "endowed" by the LDS Church wear special undergarments referred to as "garments". Ivan was wearing a heavy shirt, so they're pretty much invisible. So, ummm...what the heck did the guy mean? That all Mormon are not to be trusted? Clearly that's not the case. I know a lot of Mormons now...they're as honest as anyone else. It's crap like that which makes me believe that hidden hatred is alive and well in this country. I have touched on this several times in the blog. Prejudice comes in so many forms these days...racism, sizeism, classism, sexism, faithism, etc, etc. It's soooo pervasive. Have you ever been a victim of it? Most likely, you don't even know. That's what's so discouraging about it. F*ckin' discouraging....