Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is Anyone Out There?

If so, where the heck are ya? The silence is deafening. Let me know you're there by putting yourself on my map. http://www.frappr.com/catay My friend Bobber sent me info on this a while ago. I wonder if he'll get on the map? Hmmm? Anyway, it's a fun little free program. I hope to see you "out there".


Paul said...

Cat thew Google map site won't let me add myself to the map. It states that Winnipeg is an Invalid city. What??? the last time I checked Winnipeg WAS a vilid city.:(


Cat said...

Hey Paul,
I just checked on the Frappr site... when you click "not in the US", the box changes. When one starts to type in the box, a drop down comes up. Winnipeg is definitely one of the choices. Give it another shot. Maybe it's a browser compatibility issue?

Paul said...

I got that box Cat and clicked on Winnipeg and still I was told Winnipeh is an invalid city:(??????????

Oh well, maybe the site doesn't like my Mac or SeaMonkey browser LOL.

Cat said...

I added you in, Paul.
SeaMonkey? hehehhe. Never even heard of it. You're always on the bleeding edge of technology!