Wednesday, November 09, 2005


(heard about it on NPR ( this morning.) What is it? A physician who's primary job is to attend to patients in the hospital. It's a brilliant idea, methinks. I'm not a huge proponent of a family physician. The idea that the family doctor knows and cares more than a doctor with whom you have just met doesn't really float with me. That may work if you live in a small town and the doctor only has 200 potential clients. In metropolitan areas now, doctors see patients in and out all day long. Aside from the notes that were taken about you the last time you saw him/her, he probably doesn't remember your particular case exactly. Each time, he/she needs to go back over the notes, just as a stranger would. So, that being said, also from a GP's perspective, I would think the idea of a hospitalist to be fabulous. They wouldn't have to try to squeeze in visits during the day to the hospital. Instead, they could get briefed on your condition, update their own charts, etc. All in all, an idea who's time has come.