Friday, November 18, 2005

Bodies...the Exhibition

This show brings out the wannabe doctor hidden deep within me. How cool would this be to see? I would be fascinated and grossed out all at once. Apparently there are 22 bodies and assorted other body parts preserved for eternity by embedding polymers into the tissues. Plasti-man! I used to have the set of Visible Man (love that painting of it!) and Visible Woman models where you could take apart the bodies, organ by organ. Way cool, but they fell a bit short. No muscles. No odd pockets of fatty tissue, etc. The "Bodies" show has it all from what I can see. Fascinating!! I doubt the show will ever make it to Utah. Those lucky New Yorkers!


Aaron said...

I went to the exhibit - and regretted it once I realized I was probably looking at executed Chinese prisoners being displayed for commercial purposes and without consent. Check out the Times article: