Thursday, September 08, 2005

Roots - Illustrated Friday &

This one didn't take me long at all. I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted to show. I guess that always helps, eh? So, less than an hour later, voila! Roots! Click here to see the full size version. The item at the left is just a wee detail.

Speaking of drawing, I recieved an email from I mentioned them in this blog about 5 years ago, when I first discovered them. They're now producing a poster of a sampling of the submissions. The first poster represents the first 100,000 drawings with 2,000 of the pieces selected. Yours truly has two drawings in the poster. Oh, and my bro has an entry on there, too. Our entries can be seen on this detail page. My two are in the second row from the bottom, position 5 from the left and position 29 from the left. My bro John's picture is in the same row, 15 from the left. His Caesar drawing is much more impressive than my two, but then he's always had much more artistic talent than the rest of us in the family. Very talented guy! The first drawing of mine has a hidden message "FCR" is written on the skirt of the girl. FCR=Fat Chicks Rule. Yay! A little bit of size acceptance sneaking into an art forum. Yay! The second picture mentioned is a portrait of Natasha. Ummm..sort of my intention anyway.