Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Officially Chocolate Season!

Let the munching on mini-size chocolate bars begin! Chocolate season officially starts when the Halloween bags of chocolate bars are in the stores. I started to see them last week. Woooohooo! I don't eat as much of the stuff as I used to, but I still have fond memories. :-) Chocolate Season goes from 'round this time of year, kicked off with the Halloween candy aisle which is quickly followed by the Christmas candy aisle, then the Valentine's candies, and finally, topped off by Easter's Cadbury eggs. By Easter, you've gained the extra 10 pounds of chocolate fat. I'm sure the retailers love Chocolate Season as much as we do. How many of you actually buy the chocolate only to share on the specific holiday? C'mon, ya'll love the fun shapes as much as I do. Oh, and who out there can eat 10 little candy bars without blinking, but think that 2 regular size candy bars is excessive? C'mon, admit it!