Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The biggest pizza pie

This weekend, I my friends Alexandra and Brian were in town from Minnesota. While they were here, I thought we’d serve ‘em up some of SLC’s finest eats. Tucano’s as mentioned below was on the list. Also on the list, “The Pie”. This is the best pizza in SLC. (Or at least the best I’ve tried, anyway. There could be some fine pies out there that I haven’t even tasted.) The Pie recently moved into my suburb. There are only a handful of locations, so being so close is fabulous. Previously we could only rarely munch on their Stromboli with garlic pizza…now we can order it and have it delivered whenever we darn well feel like it. So, with the friends in town, Ivan says to order the largest size stromboli pie. I think he even said the “monster” size. Well, turns out, it IS monster size. It’s almost bigger than Ivan and I together! Six of us piggin’ out and we only got through half of the pie. Now THAT’s a pizza!