Friday, September 16, 2005

Avian Flu

If you need any more reason to have a feeling of impending doom, this is your article. I've been feeling "impending doom" for several weeks. The economy is tanking. The housing market is going bust. The obesity epidemic is...oh, forget that. The city of New Orleans is in a shambles. Etc, etc, etc. Now, the Avian flu. While it's currently not passed from human to human, they expect that at some point it will be. And there will be LOTS of death. LOTS. It's a great horror story to tell this Halloween. It just makes me want to lock myself in the basement and live on canned veggies. I guess if this flu does take hold, that's exactly what we'll be doing. Who would want to bother risking going to work? Well, I'll be able to work, but anyone who works outside of the home? Forgettaboutit. Time to go stockpile some more water and eats! Harmon's caselot sale, here we come! Actually if you can get your hands on some Tamiflu or if you have some lying around from a previous flu outbreak, nows your time to hold on to it. Scary stuff!