Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Whirring about in my head

Just a few things that have been in my mind, but not yet put into my blog. It’s funny when something unusual happens in my life or I get a “what the heck” idea in my head, I feel I have to write it down. It’s nice to have an online journal or blog to do just that. It’s great fun to look back and remember those particular moments.

From this weekend:

The Buzz Ivan and I went on a mini-road trip to Wyoming. It was so much cooler up there than in the Wasatch valley and just a gorgeous day in general too. While we were driving just past Evanston, WY, we had our windows partially rolled down. I was happily drinking a frapuccino-type drink from the local convenience store when all of a sudden…SMACK… “Aaaack!” I screamed. I had been hit. Quickly my brain tried to figure it out…did my drink “burp up” through the straw? Did I get hit by a rock? I look down and see a dead bee. I had been smacked just above the eye by a wayward bee. It died on impact. How did it maneuver it’s way in to get hit by my big fat head? Just very strange. (I know, I write a lot about insects in my blog, but I swear I have more run-ins with them now than I ever did in my life.) Luckily, I survived the accident.

Pair of Genes We stopped near a ghost town about 20 minutes outside of Evanston. A nearly idyllic area for free range cattle – lots of gently rolling hills, streams, and lots of grasses. I watched a herd of cows and their calves for a little while. It was nearing sunset, and they got up, one by one and followed the Queen cow down the knoll. What was curious to me was that after each cow, followed a calf that looked identical to it’s mother. Black cow, black calf, dark brown cow, dark brown calf, black body white face cow, black body white face calf. Eight different pairings, each had an identical momma cow/calf component. Where’s the bull in all of this? I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything about genetics, but I thought dominant/recessive genes play a roll. Given that there were 8 pairs of identical cows/calves, does that mean that the bull was completely recessive? Is that possible? For the father bull, I can only picture some sad-sack, depressed bull. He’s small, about 5 feet tall, probably blond fur. He keeps his head to the grass at all times, except when he’s called to “perform”. Hmmm..maybe I’m getting depressive confused with recessive? But seriously, if you were completely made of recessive genes, is there any point in reproducing? Just made me go “hmmmm…”

Odd feeling… Ivan sent me this link. It is cool and disturbing. The mixture of technological “wow” combined with an uneasy pit in my stomach. Ick. Cool. Ick. Oh, you can "save" her by clicking and dragging her. Set her on a bubble. Help will be along shortly. You've done your job.