Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Artificial Sweetners

Sucralose aka Splenda is showing up in so many non-diet products these days, that I'm starting to wonder if there is a conspiracy going on. The other day, while Ivan and I were traveling through northern Minnesota, we stopped to pick up a couple of frosty beverages at the convenience store to cool us down while we were on the road. I picked out a couple of V8 Splash bottles. Bought them and we were on our way. Ivan takes a drink of the first one and says, "This has artificial sweetners in it." He's definitely got a "tongue" for finding them! So, I taste it. Sure enough, it's got that slightly off taste that only artificial sweetners can provide. I look at the ingredient list. Carrots, high fructose corn syrup, fruity bits and whatnot were all listed. The very last ingredient -- Sucralose. What the fuck? (The effenheimer is definitely needed here.) It's loaded with corn syrup...why, oh, why do they need to add sucralose?!?! Grrrrrrrrrr. I swear regular V8 Splash didn't have this before. ( I just checked out their website...sure enough, they "reformulated" it. Blech.) Only the diet version had the artificial sweetner. What's scary is that I bet most people who drink this, and many other products, don't even know that sucralose was even an artificial sweetner. With the "-ose" suffix, it sounds like any other natural sugar substance. Unfortunately not. What would be the point of adding sucralose to an already heavily sweetened drink? Are things just not sweet enough? Or are the food manufacturers trying to adjust our palate's senses so that we crave the fake? Something is fishy in any event. I say that every product that uses an artificial sweetner, should SAY that it's an artificially sweetened product. That way, those of us who wish to avoid it, can do so easily.