Sunday, July 10, 2005

Slippers? No, sorry, these are my shoes.

I was browsing through the new Silhouettes catalog. I came across these Suede / Fleece Clog "shoes" amid the regular winter boots. They say, "Cozy comfort you can wear all day." Now, who amongst you would be willing to hop into your car and head into the office for a full day of comfort wearing these bad boys? Can you imagine the snickers you'd get? or the comments like, "Hey, Catherine, didn't want to get out of bed today, did ya?!" Granted, I get my fair share of "wearing bunny slippers?" today while working from home, but hey, I *do* wear my bunny slippers while in the comfort of my own home. I just can't fathom wearing these in the "real world".


Char said...

My boss would have a field day and immediately send me home to change. Those things are hideous.
But I bet they're warm. lol