Monday, July 04, 2005

Mooo...Moo... Mooo...I'm a cow!

Well, not literally, but dang, yesterday, we went out rock hounding again just south of Nephi, Utah. Nothing unusual about that. We were “hounding” petrified palm wood. No luck, but we had a fun time trying to find the area and the petrified palm. On the drive back home, we stopped at a little canyon that Ivan wanted to investigate for fun specimens. While he traversed up the hills, I went for a little walk to stretch my legs and *gasp* get a little exercise. I saw that the desert road went down a little ways and around the hill. I walked down around the hill and DANG a cattle guard crossed the road.

For those of you new to the idea of cattle guards, they’re metal contraptions with slats going across the road to prevent cows from crossing. The cows won’t / can’t cross ‘cuz their hooves are too narrow to walk across the thing. While I’ve seen a lot of these things driving around the wild west, this is the first that I came to out of the car. I felt the cattle’s fear well inside me. If I tried to cross, certainly my leg would get caught as I slipped off the slat! Yikes! I decided to end my walk here and head back…back to graze a bit further on the grass. I did, however, figure that if a herd of cattle were to rush me over one of those things, I would stop, drop and roll across. Certainly the cows wouldn’t dare to try that!

Oh, a funny thing about cattle guards. Every so often you’ll see fake cattle guards. Rather than the slats, smarty pants ranchers have painted yellow lines on the pavement. Apparently, the cows won’t cross those either ‘cuz they think they’re the real thing worthy of breaking their legs off. I’d like to think if I were walking along on one of those roads I would brave it. That’s what separates me from the bovine.