Friday, July 08, 2005

I made the mistake..

I made the mistake of flipping channels on television this afternoon and paused upon some show called Elimidate or something like that. Are people *really* that rude in real life? What sort of man or woman would want to date an in-your-face catty beyatch? Do men/women really find the opposite sex attractive when they’re picking apart the competition? Yesterday, I wondered what sort of cretins can blow up innocents in Britain since they seem so far removed from me. But, then, what sort of creatures do we have breeding within our own borders? If we can’t even treat each other civilly on fake dates in front of a camera, how can we treat each other with a modicum of respect in real life? The people on this show weren’t even 16 or 17…they were in their 20s?!  Ugh. Ick. Ptooey. Who are these people???