Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cherry Season

One of the really fab things about living in a warmer climate than Minnesota? Fresh fruit! This time of year is Cherry season! A short drive from here is a place called Fruitway. From now until the snow flies, you can find tons of fresh fruit offerings for decent prices. This past Sunday, we drove up to Fruitway in Willard and picked up 10lbs of fresh cherries for $10. Not a bad price. The cherries were hot and juicy (sounds like an add for a porno flick, but no!). Ivan's mom used to put the cherries straight into the freezer for a nummy frozen snack. That's what we've done too. They are awesome! I haven't had 'em that way before. A healthy, sweet treat that's not as hard as you might imagine. Ever frozen a banana? Hard as a rock! Sweet cherries are kind of like thick fudge. All of this cherry talk brings back a fond memory of my childhood -- the Cherry Hill Revenge. My family used to take month long trips in a motorhome. This one particular year we were driving west from Minnesota. Stopped in Cherry Hill, Utah at a campground with swimming pools, but more importantly lots of cherry trees. We picked and packed a ton of cherries from that stop. Of course we were lovin' 'em, for a couple of days. As we were driving through toward California, my mum realized we had to eat the fruit before hitting the CA border. So, all of us ate 'em and ate 'em along that journey. What's the side effect of eating too much fruit quickly? Well, let's just say it was a small, but smelly motorhome. I remember my brother John was the worst offender. We'd try to get him to stay in the back of the motorhome 'cuz he was producing green clouds that were quite offensive. In a motorhome with six people on board, there is very little room to hide and sadly just not enough air flow. This is memory that is known in my family as the Cherry Hill Revenge. Good times!