Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ok, I admit it...

I miss Martha Stewart's catalog. She had a ton of fun stuff. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned my collection of silver Xmas ornaments. Well, on thing that I ordered from her catalog was the silver snowflake kit. Absolutely a blast to make and they turned out so pretty. The kit consisted of four basic things --- flat 6-pronged welded "frames", silver wire, an assortment of silver beads and a pliers. You could follow the basic designs or come up with your own. Well, of course I had to come up my own, Silly. I even added some natural crystal beads to some to give 'em that "natural" snowflake look. A couple of other things I bought from there -- the cake decorating kit (all of the cake colors you will ever need and all of the frosting piping bits and bags to make whizbang cakes), the cookie decorating kit (all of coloring to make colored sugars you'll ever need as well as the piping tools to do frosted cookies and much more), -- both of 'em came in their own tin boxes. Again, read my post about accumulation of kitchen stuff. The pre-boxed idea was fabulous! Perfect for kitchen supply hoarders like myself. Oh, and then there was the annual Halloween catalog. I don't believe I ever purchased anything from there, but it had tons of ideas for Halloween parties. Yeah, I'm one of those Halloweenies who *must* throw a party every year. I grew up with it, what can I say? So, yeah, I'm better about my affluenza with accumulating stuff, but I still miss my Martha catalog. :-)