Thursday, June 23, 2005

My confidence is shaken

I used to make baked beans for my annual 4th of July parties. You know, the kind you make from scratch. The good’ns that are baked for days. Well, at least I thought they were good. Anyway, since I’ve moved to Utah, I haven’t been able to make ‘em right. The beans cook…and cook…and cook and they never get soft enough to be reasonably palatable. I’m, frankly, a little freaked out. They were fool-proof, or so I thought. Earlier this week I even tried to do the boil-the-night-ahead, let-‘em-soak-all-night method which in Minnesota, wasn’t even necessary. Still hard as rocks. The last time I tried ‘em here, I cooked ‘em for three days. Literally. No go. The best I can figure is that it’s the altitude? Maybe? If someone knows what it might be, drop me a line cat~at~catay~dot~com. Thanks!


Sister Claw said...

Try this site:'Boiling%20water%20%20cooking%20%20Utah'

Anonymous said...

Another Site: To cook pinto beans in Arizona, she had to use a pressure cooker.

Just a thought,

Sister Claw said...

Here is a recipe, with a comment by a fellow Utahan about using canned beans instead of dry.

Another Thought,