Monday, June 06, 2005

Money and the LDS Church

At times I wonder if the LDS church isn't more of a business than a strictly faith born operation. I read in the newspaper this weekend that they intend on spending 1 billion dollars updating the malls in downtown Salt Lake City. That's right. BbbbBBBBillion!  The details of the plan are quite secret. They did, however, feel the need to say that the money is in no part the result of tithing. *phew* Not tithing. But then, where are they getting the money? Is it the "fast offerings" that are dutifully collected by the deacons on Sunday mornings? Is it the missionary funds? Is it the result of charitable donations from wills? Or, is it, as I suspected all along, the money from their share of Coca Cola stock?! Hmmm...yeah, they said it was all rumor that they were big stock holders in Coca Cola. Now, I'm not so sure. <p> What's really curious is that this church is a church, right? Why are they spending the money on shopping malls?! Shouldn't they be assisting their members? Or even helping out people of other faiths who are in need? I don't mean to say that the LDS church doesn't do these things, they do, but wouldn't this particular loot be better spent on, oh, I don't know, PEOPLE? Feeding hungry people around the world? Assisting those who have no home or health insurance? I wonder, if with a billion dollars, they could afford to offer free health insurance for all of their members? What better way to get more people to join the church than to give them free healthcare?! The missionaries could go house to house preaching the gospel *and* telling individuals that they could get free healthcare if they got baptized and attended church regularly? <p> 1 Bbbbbiiiilllliooon dollars. The possibilities are endless.