Friday, June 03, 2005

I was listening to NPR this morning...

They were talking about inner-city schools in LA and some of the racial struggles that they’re going through right now. One thing that caught my mind was that Los Angeles hasn’t had a new high school built in 35 years! The one school they were specifically mentioning in South LA – Thomas Jefferson, was built to hold 1500 students and currently it has 3800! Talk about overcrowding!  Here’s the curious thing about new high schools that stuck out in my head: In all of the travels my hubby and I have been taking to small towns around the wild West, there are TONS of new schools where the populations of the towns are less than 3,800 . The schools are often HUGE and could possibly hold 400 students. More than likely they have less than 100.  It just seems wrong, wrong. I know that a lot of the funding for schools comes from the counties in which they lie, but c’mon, there’s got to be a way to share some of this funding around. I don’t think that there should be cutbacks in the quality of the education in the smaller communities, but if they have *too much* money where they’re building excessively large schools in shrinking communities, it just seems to be a waste when so many could benefit elsewhere.

Gosh, am I a commie or what?! J