Thursday, June 09, 2005

Homes, Accumulation and General "Stuff"

When is the too much home trend going to end? So many of the new homes that are being built around this country are HUGE. Not just 1600 square feet. That's *tiny*. I'm talking 4000, 5000, 10000 square feet. That's for 3.5 people and a dog. When will it end?? I know as a whole our waistlines are expanding. Are the home we are choosing to live in just made to accommodate that girth? Do people feel like they've lost weight when they move into a HUGE house? Maybe the homes are excessively large to accommodate all of the crap we buy? How about that trend? When is the accumulation of "stuff" and lots of "stuff" going to fall out of fashion? Confession time. I personally have two or three (well, at least two major) accumulation vices. Clothing, fabric and kitchen implements. Those are the non-holiday ones. Throw in Halloween stuff and silver Christmas ornaments and you've got FIVE accumulation vices. Luckily all of my accumulation vices can be housed in boxes or at least put away. My Halloween and Christmas things fit into two large boxes. The kitchen implements fit in the kitchen cupboards, and you guessed it, the clothing/fabric stuff fits into my closet. Trying to make a change. I envision ridding myself of "stuff". It's still a fantasy more than reality, but I'm working towards a "stuff-free" existence:
  • I've pretty much nipped my kitchen purchases in the bud. Our kitchen is very large, but small on storage. No room for the fun, worthless crap. I do miss my Williams Sonoma purchases. The funny thing about this is that while I'm purchasing less items, I'm actually using my kitchen more than I ever have. I've become quite the chef. (Insert humility here.)
  • My clothing purchases have seriously tapered off and I recently cut my wardrobe at least in half by selling on EBay, discarding and donations. It felt *really* good to lighten that load. My wee closet appreciated the change tremendously.
  • Fabric has been an ongoing thing, though, again, I recently sold off a bunch that was no longer "necessary". Unfortunately, I go through periods of fabric accumulation. Most recently I've purchased some fun fabric on EBay. I've made several purchases recently of Munki Munki fabric. While it's intended primarily for children, I can't help but appreciate the simplicity and joy found in the designs.