Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Long time no post, I see. I guess it's almost idiotic to post in here when I have the thing blocked from view anyway.

Sometimes I need to vent, and this is a great place to do it, even if no one else is around to read it.

Today's topic "insurgency". We switched our radio alarm clock to wake us up to NPR rather than music. It's quite the change as it makes me think more than just move my feet around in a dance move. The problem with it, is that I get ideas in my head in the wee hours and can't get them out. Maybe I can get them out here.

Insurgent. Insurgency. NPR used the terms a lot this morning. Sure, I hear them a lot listening to the news and never really thought about it until today. What is it? Why are these words being used so prevalent in the Iraq debacle? The best my wee brain could figure -- a political spin. I have a fairly good grasp of the English language and even I wasn't completely sure of what the full meaning of "insurgent" was. So, I go to dictionary.com and look it up. Pretty much as I thought it would be, but no more. The news could be using rebel or any other "simple term", but no, they use insurgent. It sounds much more sinister, doesn't it?

When taking a step back away from the news, one has to condsider that an "insurgent" is a rebel. But in this case, WE are the rebels in their country. We forced ourselves in to take away their government. We deemed it inappropriate and oh, so wrong. So, these "insurgents" are actually defensive protectors or guardians of their government. (Don't get me wrong, I believe their tactics are wrong, but hey, I've never been put in a situation where another country was trying to take me over either. Who knows what I might be capable of in that situation?!)

Who's right? Who's wrong? Who's putting a spin on the terms to make the "guardians" seem bad? Is it just the newsmedia or are they pawns to a larger control? It just makes me go hmmm.