Friday, May 13, 2005

A funny word story...

Yesterday, I was working in a SPAM producing program. I don’t actually send SPAM, but I do send newsletters for work to subscribers from a website. Anyway, the site automatically checks for potential “stoppers” found in email system filters. Well, I received my first profanity warning in a newsletter about the construction industry. I checked through it. No swear words to be found. That was, until I saw it. We had attorneys listed in there that graduated “cum laude” and “magna cum laude”. Oh, geez.  We opted to remove the honors from these graduates so that the email could make it through the filters. To add another funny, a co-worker emailed me and said, after I informed him of the profanity warning: “I spotted ‘condom’ in ‘condominium’.” I really liked the way he said he “spotted” it…as if it were intentionally hiding in wicked way and he rooted out the evil.  Just kinda funny. J