Monday, December 27, 2004


With over 22,000+ people dying in the devastating earthquake and responding tsunamis, it's very disturbing to me to see that online newspapers, especially the smaller local variety are putting this as their third or fourth highest newsstory only 24+ hours after the event. This is a HUGE loss. For the families of the victims as well as for the countries of the victims. It really dwarfs the WTC attack and most other items that are US-centric in nature yet are covered for weeks and weeks (and even months ... years!) in the news. Our media feeds what appears to be a common belief that "Whew, glad it didn't happen here. Hey, what did you get for Christmas, " shortsightedness. It's repulsive really. Are we that myopic as a country? Well, yes, it appears so. Although maybe I'm reading too much into the media's lack of interest. Are they only giving us what we want or are they feeding us what they want to feed us? Probably a combination. In either event, it's disturbing. On Minneapolis', most of the day, the top story on the site was the Vikings. If that's not pathetic "news" organization, I don't know what is.

On a related topic, I read something about the earthquake over at that mentioned that the quake was proably strong enough to jostle the Earth off if it's normal rotational path. Probably nothing major, but interesting nonetheless. I wonder if there really will be longterm implications aside from the deathtoll. This could be the start of some major Earth changes. Who knows for sure?!