Monday, July 19, 2004

Still learning about life.

I learned a few things on my trip to Reno this past weekend.  
  1. They really do use Emergency Broadcast System for things other than the loud tests.  When we were just a few miles outside of Reno, we were listening to the radio and sure enough, the EBS system was used to evacuate a large portion of Carson, City, Nevada due to a fire that was burning out of control.
  2. Cheap steak is just that. Again, on the way to Reno, we saw a billboard for a steak buffet at the Silver Club hotel/casino. Steak and buffet? Sounds delicious and while the McDonalds stop along the drive was tasty, we were hungry, hungry. After a quick swim in the hotel pool, we headed off to the casino for dinner and a little gambling. When we arrived at the restaurant in the casino, the crowd was very, very quiet. Quieter than what you would normally find in a restaurant that size. I figured the steak must be SOOOO good that the diners were hushed silent while they chewed. We were quickly seated and the waitress came over, took our drink and asked us how we'd like our steak prepared. Ivan and I headed to the buffet area where we found warmed canned peas, cabbage rolls covered in Spaghetti-O sauce and instant mashed potatoes and gravy. Yuck. That was bad enough, but then the steak arrived.  It was probably nuked after being cooked the day before...and not even nuked thoroughly. It was a bit like luke warm dried shoe leather.  Well, we found out why everyone was so quiet. They were keeping their mouths closed to prevent gagging.  :-)
  3. You can go home again. While staying at a small casino hotel in Elko, Nevada, I discovered that this late model hotel was probably built around the same time as my childhood home was -- early 60s. The bathroom fixtures, tiling, countertops etc were all pretty much the same as my childhood home's bathroom. It was freaky as well as somewhat comforting.