Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I am Michael Jackson

I woke up thinking this morning that I am Michael Jackson ...
  • Other people stop and stare when I enter a restaurant, theater. I hear hushed comments and even some loud obnoxious ones. No matter how I try to cover myself someone always notices me.
  • I have my photo taken without my permission, often when i'm doing the most mundane of tasks. These photos show up in jokes, news stories, and advertisements on television and in print, again, without my permission.
  • I am called a freak.
  • There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites poking fun at me.
  • People ask, "How could they do that to themselves?" when talking about my being.
  • The media, of late, has been going nuts with stories of me.
  • My marriage has been thought to be a "sham" to some -- certainly my partner *must* desire someone unlike me.
  • White *and* black people think that I am a disgrace; an embarassment.
  • No matter how much talent I possess or how much I have proven myself at my job, my physical appearance overshadows it all.
Oh, wait, I'm not Michael Jackson, I'm a fat woman in America.