Monday, October 06, 2003

Long time no post to da blog, eh? I wrote a few things, but Blogger blew up on me. Hopefully this will work.

Anyway, it's confession time. I've got an obsession 'round this time of year. It's true. I loooove the Halloween editions of the Kelly Dolls. Most of my collection obsessions -- white/glass/silver christmas tree ornaments, squished pennies and kitchen gadgets are small things that I can put away and enjoy seasonally or at least hide them from view most of the time. The Kelly doll thing is no different. The Kelly doll obsession started a few years back when Target had an exclusive set of the cute things for Halloween. Dressed in overly cute costumes, I couldn't resist. I'm a huge fan of Halloween in general, but costumes *and* Halloween? Gettouttahere. Each year 'round this time I make a trek to Target to see the new series. It's a cheap thrill, believe me. Anyway, Ivan and I went out yesterday to try and find 'em. They weren't in their usual front-of-the-store-endcap. OH NO! They weren't in the Halloween section. OH NOOOOOOOOO! Ivan gave up and went to the car (he doesn't seem to share in my obsession!) I decided to go to the toy section...surely, they've got to be there! Hunting through the myriad of Barbie's available, there they were...low on the shelf. There was only about 20 boxes left. YAY! There are five styles this year, a pumpkin & witch (both done many times before), a spider and a dragon. OH and sad to say, a cat that wasn't available. :-( Ivan, in his sweet treasure hunting way, drove us to another local Target. Again, not many left...and no cats available. The thrill of victory in this find is only tempered by the lack of not getting all of 'em this year. There's always next year...or some other cute edition released during the non-Halloween shopping time. (They release 'em at Target for Easter too.)

Which brings me to another thing. October is the start of the Chocolate Season! Happy Chocolate Season, everyone! It starts with Halloween candy, then Christmas...then Valentines...and ends with Easter. Shiny foil covered seasonally appropriate chocolate. Who can resist buying at least one bag to much during these times? Certainly only chocolate haters, of which there are few.