Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Two - Two Second Moview Reviews!
  • Bruce Almighty -- It wasn't as funny, nor as cool as I think it could have been, but it was ~OK~. A few solid laughs here and there. Probably best to wait to rent it on DVD. B-
  • The Italian Job -- A solid movie from beginning to end. There are a few predictable moments, but all in all you'll be entertained by the performances and the drama/feel of the flick. Gotta love the use of the Mini's in the film too! B+

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Oh, I need to add to my bug post below. While BIG BIG BIG bugs are still around -- I had a striped whistling june bug in my office window last week that was around 2 inches long, what's more disturbing is the earwigs around here. I've probably seen one before in my life. Since moving to Utah, I've become inimately familiar with thousands of them. Picture this -- fresh lettuce brought in from the garden and I put the stuff in the sink to rinse it... 60 or so earwigs come running out. Blech! That's not the worst of it, if you leave anything on the ground overnight, the next morning you'll find thousands of 'em curled up in it just trying to stay cool from the mid-day sun. I made that mistake with a canvas folding chair. Again, Blech!
Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode with the woman who is dreaming that the Earth is moving closer and closer to the sun? The reality was that she was freezing to death 'cuz the Earth was moving away from the sun? Anyway, I keep hoping to wake up. It's been around 100 degrees for three weeks straight. The long range forecast? More 100s. *melt* *melt* Lemonade anyone?

Monday, July 07, 2003

We finally went to a movie! It's been months since Ivan and I have found time to get to the theater to catch a flick. So now, onto a Two Second Movie Review...
  • 28 Days Later... -- Brilliant! Gruesome! Enthralling! A classic man against man and man against beast flick that will be as interesting now as it will be 10 years from now. There were stressful moments that reminded me of the "Lord of the Flies" as survivors try to determine their future path. The film's stylistic edge only added to the overall captivation. A