Friday, May 16, 2003

Bugs. BIG bugs. One of the interesting things about moving to another part of the country is the change in the type of bugs you see. I think most people who move to Minnesota would probably be surprised by the sheer numbers of mosquitoes. In Utah, there are very few of those pesky things. What I have discovered, however, is VERY, VERY large moths. In Minnesota we had some BIG moths, but are some the size of birds. Seriously. Probably a little larger than a hummingbird but not quite as big as a sparrow. BIG moths. Ok, not only moths, but there are spiders here that I've never encountered in Minnesota. I think we probably have them, but just not in the numbers that we've seen this spring. I'm talking about your favorite and mine -- the black widow. So far we've spotted 7 of 'em on the property this spring. They seem to like to hang out in old sheds...or at least that's what I thought until Ivan and his nephew discovered a couple in some rocks. ROCKS? They hide in rocks just waiting for me there too?!?! Crap. I thought I knew their motis operandi. Now I know they could be *anywhere*. What fun. I'm just waiting now for the discovery of the scorpions. Ivan said they don't come this far into the city, but crap, if there are black widows in the rocks, certainly there could be scorpions in the sand!