Thursday, March 20, 2003

Hey, I finally got listed at Portal Of Evil !! Unfortunately the numbnuts there can't figure out how to link directly to "Cat's House of Fun"...they linked to the root of What sort of direct assault is that? C'mon. Get with the program!! :-)

Monday, March 03, 2003

A wonderful find in Provo, Utah -- Tucano's Brazilian Grill. I've never tried Brazilian food and if I recall correctly, the Twin Cities is pretty much Brazilian grill free. (Don't worry, you guys, I'm sure it's coming!) A wonderfully fresh smorgasbord of fruit, salads, and exotic nummies (I'm new to palm hearts and quail eggs!). As if the buffet wasn't enough, there are gauchos who bring skewered grilled meats to your table to carve directly on to your plate. Pork tenderloin, sirloin, turkey, chicken and fresh pineapple all grilled to perfection. Really, really nice place to go atmosphere wise too. If you're down in Provo sometime, give it a shot. I'm positive you won't be disappointed! (Not a paid advertisement!)