Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Ivan's daughter received a wedding invite yesterday. I had an opportunity to take a peek at it. The kids (they can't be more than 19ish) spent a lot of time and money on the invites. They even went so far as to include a couple of personal statements from the two intendeds....The girl, let's call her "Ann" started off her statement like this: "God bless me with a man like you. You are my strength and I'll be faithful to you with the Lord's help. I promise to be a bright light to shine in our home." I'm just thinkin' that if she's counting only on god to keep her faithful in the marriage, there might be some trouble brewing already. :-) Oh, and what's with the "bright light" in the home crud? Is she some sort of dim bulb? (Get it, bulb/light? I couldn't resist. :-) The boy, I'll call him "Vance", started off with a nice romantic tone. He lost me, however, on this statement: "Life by your own has ended and so has mine yet we will live on for a life has just begun." Sure it's a romantic notion, but it sounds a bit morbid. He closes with this: " Let us stick to each other not only till death but even life after death." Yeah, it's got the Mormon tone to it, but "stick to each other"? Is this a stapling ceremony? I know that the Mormon marriage ceremony in the temple is referred to casually as getting "sealed", but is there actual glue involved?? Am I too new to the Salt Lake area to fully understand this? :-)